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Top 10 Ideas to Celebrate New Year Eve


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New Year’s Eve 2019

New Year’s Eve is one of the big gest party time. Every one plan for something to make the eve as good as possible. While many people leave the house and go for parties, there’ are many who want to stay home or celebrate it with family only. Secondly, there are people who want to celebrate it in a different style.

So if you are celebrating this new year eve at home or you are looking for different ways to celebrate this year. Here is the list of ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with your friends and family!

Top 10 ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve:

1. House Party:

Organize a house party either at your place or friend’s house. Call your friends, decorate house and party hard.

2. Theme party:

There is nothing better than organizing a theme party. Arrange for funky dresses and accessories. Make the eve memorable. Themes like Bollywood, ethnic, animals or abstract, there are lot many to choose from.

3. Potluck dinner :

Bring a dish and share. This is the best way to make the eve special.

4. Bonfire:

If you have space enough to gather few people, then bonfire is the best idea to celebrate the evening. Sit back and relax near the fire, sing a song, chorus, share your thoughts and jokes.

5. Dance all night on latest songs. Make a playlist and play it loud.

6. Make a memory board.

Bring sticky pads or pins and paper, marker or sketch pens. Ask everyone to write down their resolution for new year or memories of the year gone.

7. Arrange some classic movies and create a home theatre. Watch it together.

8. Candle night dinner:

Prepare or order some good dinner. Decorate your home with scented candles. Have dinner with your loved ones and celebrate.

9. Go for a long drive:

Take out your car. Update your playlist and go for a long drive. That is one of the most amazing ways to celebrate the eve going to nowhere listening to your favourite music.

10. Create a photo booth:

It is very easy to create a phone booth. Select a place. Decorate it with funky or classic themes. Arrange the props and get yourself clicked in a different pose. Create memories for a lifetime.

To conclude:

Have a blast at New Year’s party, enjoy in the way you want, make it the most memorable time of your life, wish everyone and let bygones be bygones. Make a new start!

But do remember, stay safe, keep your friends and family safe, don’t drink and drive.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, take our paper or pen and start making list. Moreover, do share your party ideas or pictures. Do you have a different idea for next year?

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