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Go Back in time…ORCHHA


When you travel unplanned, you get more than your expectations and that’s what gives you a KICK.

India is fortunate with tales of kings, palaces and prodigious temple. While searching places nearby Delhi, you will find the name of a small city named  ORCHHA, situated in Madhya Pradesh.

The Beginning

In the month of January, after 8 hours of journey from Delhi, we reached Orchha and due to fog, the visibility was nil. We got down and took an auto..sorry local auto…. which only has a capacity of 8 people and he actually stuffed 12 and this experience was an add-on.

Our trip started from The Orchha Palace, which was established during the early years of the 16th century as the capital town of the ruling family belonging to the princely state of Bundelkhand region. This place has experienced many rulers and everyone had made changes in the color of this place. Above all the palace architecture is a mixture of an Indo-Islamic architect and for that reason it is worth watching.


Jahangir palace

One of the most popular monuments is the Jahangir Mahal, made just adjacent to main palace Raj Mahal. This palace was built in the honor of Mughal ruler Jahangir. Located on the banks of Betwa, it is a three-storied storied structure which has beautiful carvings. This palace consists of numerous balconies and courtyards, elegant domes and terraces. This palace is fusion of Bundelas and Mughal architect. The wall of the gateway to the palace is made of turquoise colored tiles. The light and sound show is also organized here in the evening which will tell you the great history.

Raja Ram Temple

The palace where Lord Ram is considered as King, not as God. Moreover, this is the only temple where armed salutation is offered to God. Coloured in peach, it is the beautiful blend of temple and palace. The temple was once a palace of the then ruler Madhukar Shah. Once Lord Rama appeared in his dreams and ask him to place his idol inside the palace with a condition that the idol will remain here forever. The temple was constructed by the ruler for the God and he wanted to shift the idol but could not do so. As a result, he has to convert the palace into the temple.

The Raja Mahal

First palace and royal residence of the Bundelas, constructed here by the Rajput ruler in the 16th century, namely Rudra Pratap Singh. The Raja Mahal, Orchha includes royal rooms, elevated balconies, beautifully carved domes, and towers.This palace has two rectangular courtyards.

Chattris, cenotaphs

Near the Betwa river, you will find a serene place to relax. It has 14 chhatris which look like a half-open umbrella. It is a three storey building. When you look it from the narrow bridge made on the river, the shadow of cenotaphs is clearly visible. It seems like a painting on water. There is a beautiful garden inside and its amazing for clicking pics. The windows are open and because of that, this place is always windy.

Chaturbhuj Temple

This is the original temple made for Lord Ram idol. It was converted into Vishnu temple afterwards. The Chaturbhuj temple has tall spires in the shape of pine and cones built atop a high platform. Probably this place is visible from all the corners of the city. The temple is like a multi-storied palace with passageways, a very large entrance, a large central tower, and fortifications.

Orchha Wildlife Century

Early in the morning, you can rent a bicycle and go for a ride in the Jungle. The route is very green and full adventure. You can go there for bird watching and sunrise. The most noteworthy thing is to rent a bicycle and ride through the midst of the jungle.

Laxmi Narayan temple

This temple was under construction, so many parts were closed. But the view from the hilltop and the architecture worth going to this place. The structure resembles a fort and the dome is inspired by the Mughal Architecture of the 18th century. This temple is a geometrical wonder with an octagonal tower at centre. This temple looks rectangular from outside but triangular from inside. Above all, the painting on the walls are beautifully carved and depicts the lifestyle of the Bundela kings.



To Conclude

There are different parts of the palace, which are in a scattered manner and demolished, but it still holds the beauty and fragrance of its time. There are many places, architecture, reserve forest, temples and sports one can enjoy there. It seems like a live kingdom. Moreover, because of less popularity and population density, it is very serene and quiet.

A huge palace, a river bank, cenotaphs and temples telling you the stories and this place is very much popular among foreigners. Hence, you will find a good number of foreigners in this area. They are not only here to travel but they do participate in activities like cleaning.

Therefore, next time you plan for a weekend trip or a small get together, Plan for this place.


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