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Birding Paradise-Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary


After a very long time, I decided to visit Khijadiya bird sanctuary. This bird’s paradise is almost 20 km from the city of Jamnagar on the Ahmedabad highway. This small route journey was amazing, roads are perfect and I just reached in 20 mins from the city centre. Weather was amazing today, no humidity, cool breeze all over, that gives my excursion a perfect mood.


Image: Sanjay Tiwaari

Entry inside the park cost Rs 60/- INR, quite cheap before I venture inside the park my naturalist Chetan – oh! I forgot to introduce him, he is my guide in Jamnagar for both Khijadiya and Narrara marine park. He is quite experienced and has good knowledge for both flora and fauna of the region. He guided me first to the Interpretation centre of the sanctuary.

This centre gives one the detail of the park along with this a brief history and evolution Aves. I met another naturalist Nitin Makwana, a young guy with a lot of knowledge on birds and about the park, who helped me to discover the centre. It was very nice and educative.


Khijadiya has two part ( 1 & 2), today my guide decided to venture in the first part, according to him we can site both fresh and saltwater birds in this part. We reached the entry gate, parked our car and then walk of 8 Km.
Guard was almost sleeping or I can say having a siesta. Chetan informed me that this park has more than 308 species of bird, Boar, jackal and blue bulls. We started our work and I was greeted by the sound of green bee-eater and then the journey started. Following birds I sited today.

Image-Sanjay Tiwaari
Image-Sanjay Tiwaari

List of Birds

A) Painted Stork
B) Common crane
C) Avocet
D) Little and larger egret
E) Coot bird
F) Reid Wobler
G) Spotted Duck
H) Darter
I) Greater Flamingo
J) Pelicans
K) Spoons bills
L) Eurasian Wigeon
M) Laser potted eagle
N) White Kingfisher

Jungle Safari

Image-Sanjay Tewaari

Apart from the above, I saw wild boar a hiding jackals, and blue bull. It is a paradise for me. We walked almost 4 Km and then after a causeway on my left, there was the trail of 1 km, which took us inside the freshwater lake area. It is an amazing place with seating area around. You just need to walk without making a noise, as it might disturb the birds. The sound of silence was perfect here. After a km or two, you have a watchtower, which gives you a perfect picture of the park.


Well, we had to return back, since the park closes by 6 pm. I didn’t want to leave but had to.

The journey for Khijadiya Bird sanctuary ended today, but I will come back soon. I remember the quote of Christina Rossetti Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begins.

I am going to come back again.


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