Our only goal is to create memories!

We travel.We explore.We share.

Travel to live

We have one life, few days to work, few days to study, few days are holiday…means our days.Put your legs out, let yourself breath. everyday as a new day.

Travel to Learn

Learning doesn’t only happen in school. We learn major lessons of life when we are out of our comfort zone.This is the best habit you can pass to next generation.

Travel to experience

When you travel you experience the variety of life, colors, thoughts ad nature. It gives you courage, confidence and kindness . It is the process of knowing yourself.

Memoirs is a legacy which an individual carries all his life and these memoirs comes through a journey which a human being fulfills. We believe in travelling on a road which is less traveled. We like discovering new areas and experiences.we like exploring ourself and write our own memoirs. 



AllStory Board Travel Talks
beautiful river snow clad mountain and train

Top 10 Travel Hacks to Save Money 2019

T Vacations are for relaxation, for enjoyment and for creating memories. For families, it is a precious moment to gather and to know each other and for friends or groups, that is the time to do adventure. If you are…
jodhpur, blue city

Tale of the Blue City- Jodhpur

Experience the Blue City Jodhpur, known as a blue city, Sun City and many more. I had always wanted to see and click those blue walls which I have seen in movies, especially in “Sudhh Desi Romance”. Well, I and…
Desert Safari

Guide to the Blue city of Rajasthan- Jodhpur

Guide to the Blue city of Rajasthan- Jodhpur The city that welcomes sun, the city that is one of the largest cities in Rajasthan state, the city where the superstars organise their special events and that is none other than…
new year blossom

Top 10 Ideas to Celebrate New Year Eve

New Year's Eve 2019 New Year’s Eve is one of the big gest party time. Every one plan for something to make the eve as good as possible. While many people leave the house and go for parties, there’ are many…

Alwar- The Unexplored city

Rajasthan, the name is enough for introducing this as a place for kings. The Mahal, architecture, royalty and the grandeur are full of splendid stories here. There are many places already famous among travellers like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Ajmer.…

Copy of Paradise – Udaipur

Udaipur- The Paradise Udaipur, a romantic getaway, the city of lakes and many more names which gives this place a uniqueness among other places in Rajasthan. Maharana Udai Singh II of the Sisodia clan founded this city in 1559. He…

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